Simone Bernardi

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Who I am

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably heard my music and followed it to know where it came from, how you follow a sound you’re looking for the source of.


The origin of the music you heard is within me. In fact, it’s me.


I write for piano, but I also play clarinet. I graduated from the Conservatory of Parma, in the meantime I continued my classical studies and took two degrees in Milan. The passion for music started early, the drive to compose came much later, along with an interest in personal growth and spirituality.


Music was my first love and, as a boy, it became the reason for my greatest sacrifices. Over the years, it’s turned into a job, so I lost it. Then I realized that art should not be asked, art can only be given: this is the only way to start receiving. So I finally found her.


Now, music is my way of giving back. Take my music and make it your own, it’s here for you too.